BEF plans to hold regular forums, once a month on the second Saturday, to inform the public about the immense natural resources and opportunities our area has to offer. The Bradford County Development Authority and the Regional Chamber of Commerce noted in a presentation to the public at the end of November that our natural resources are a strength, leading to ecotourism opportunities from kayaking and biking to birding and fishing.

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Saturday, OCTOBER 12th, 8:00 AM -3:00 PM

The Bradford Environmental Forum and FCPJ will hold a yard sale to raise funds for both organizations and encourage neighborly conversation from 8 to 3 on Saturday October 12 at the Sustainable Living Center.

We will also be taking a walk through the wetlands and forest ecosystems that surround the FCPJ property from 1 to 2:30 (boots or hiking shoes recommended). Wetland and forest ecosystems play a critical role as both wildlife habitat and in maintaining the quality and quantity of water entering the aquifers that provide our drinking water and the water that flows to our streams and rivers, like the Santa Fe River.


Located: at the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice (10665 SW 89TH AVE, HAMPTON, FLORIDA 32044)